Project Description

mash-up   The essence and rigor of the neutral color par excellence, white, was the inspiration for Mash up. The project began with one facing and  two neutral colors: white and almond. These single neutral colors were chosen as the perfect background for the addition of  vibrant elements such as wave effects, diamonds and geometrical shapes that are repeated rhythmically on the surface. The decorations also include floral patterns, lines and stripes, both vertical and horizontal, and basic and patterned sections with a mix of colors that stretch from more neutral tones to bold, striking, and intense colors, such as purple and green.
The seemingly contrasting decorations achieve their full effect when they are brought together to combine textures, layouts and achieve exciting and original finishes.

  • Size : 12″ x 24″
  • 1 box : 11.05 sf = 6 pcs 
  • 1 box : 38.72 lbs
  • 1 pallet : 40 boxes

  • Made in ITALY
  • White body Wall tile
  • Designer Collection
  • Wall paper

  • PEI :  3
  • MOHS : N/A
  • Water Absorption : > 10%
  • Chemical Stain Resistant : Yes
  • Frost Resistant : Yes
  • Color Variation : N/A